Global Covid-19 Update – Tuesday 24th March 2020

Wiesbaden, Germany

    • The corona virus continues to spread all over the world – despite countermeasures. That is why public life in Germany is being shut down more and more
  • The federal and state governments of Germany have decided to ban contacts
  • More than 382,000 people worldwide are infected with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, and more than 16,500 people have died as a result of an infection
  • Italy has the most coronavirus victims worldwide, nearly 7,500 infected people died
  • In Germany more than 30,000 people are infected, 130 died
  • Saxony welcomes Italian Corona patients, Russia sends help and Aid to Italy
  • Angela Merkel is in quarantine, but a first test for the corona virus was negative
  • Nationwide, all schools and day care centers are closed, exit restrictions apply in several countries
  • After a long hesitation, the British government has now decided on far-reaching exit restrictions
  • The Chinese province of Hubei has largely lifted barriers

In Germany, public life is largely restricted due to the corona virus pandemic – several countries have imposed exit restrictions. There is a worldwide travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office. Accumulation of more than two people is prohibited.

The numbers of infections and deaths are rising across Europe, where the World Health Organization (WHO) currently the “epicenter” of the pandemic looks. Worldwide, more than 360,000 coronavirus infections have now been detected, and more than 15,400 people died as a result of the lung disease Covid-19 . Experts believe that it will still take months before the pandemic in Europe can be contained.
As always we render charts to our situation update in Germany on top of all news clippings and you will be able to compare the current charts to the news clippings.

Public life has been reduced to a minimum in many European countries. Schools and daycare centers are closed, many shops are no longer allowed to open, and some EU countries have imposed curfews. Exit restrictions also apply in some German states, including Bavaria.

The pandemic is already leading to an economic crisis. Many countries are putting together aid packages worth billions. Nevertheless, many people worry about their economic existence.

World Medical President does not expect the Corona crisis to end quickly

10.43 a.m .: In Germany, more than 30,000 people are now infected with the corona virus, so far there have been 130 deaths. With more than 8700 cases, North Rhine-Westphalia has the most infected. Around 450 people are already considered to have recovered.

9.43 a.m .: The Federal Council will meet in the Corona crisis on Wednesday and Friday for special meetings . As announced by the regional chamber on Tuesday, Wednesday is about the planned supplementary budget of the federal government. The Federal Council may comment on this before the Bundestag presumably approves the addendum at first, second and third reading on the same day. On Friday, the states will then advise the federal government’s legislative packages, which are intended to cushion the economic and social consequences of the crisis.

9:35 am: Russia is increasing its aid to Italy in the fight against the corona virus. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow said Tuesday that three other Ilyushin Il-76 aircraft had landed near the capital Rome, according to the Tass State Agency. As a result, 14 machines with medical equipment have now been relocated to NATO country, which was particularly affected by the pandemic. Diagnostic and disinfection equipment was on board. The mission will continue, it said.

President Vladimir Putin had pledged to help the Italian government. No country could defeat this pandemic alone, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow had said. Russia also does not expect any consideration in view of the tense relations with the West.

North Rhine-Westphalia issues fines for violations of corona rules

8.26 a.m .: North Rhine-Westphalia has issued a catalog of fines for violations of the nationwide corona rules with fines of up to 5000 euros. In the event of a repeat, up to 25,000 euros will be charged. For meetings of more than two people in public who are not directly related, 200 euros will be due.

Forbidden picnics cost 250 euros per participant. Those who organize sporting events despite the ban pay 1000 euros. The consumption of meals outside the house closer than 50 meters to the restaurant or snack bar costs 200 euros. Additional fines are possible against companies that benefit from violations. Hygiene violations or violations of the ban on visits to facilities such as to old people’s homes are also becoming more expensive.

7.55 a.m .: IOC President Thomas Bach and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe want to talk about a postponement of the Olympic Games due to the corona pandemic this Tuesday, according to a report . In a phone call to the President of the International Olympic Committee, Abe is expected to speak out in favor of the sporting event being held within a year, the Kyodo news agency said, citing an unspecified government official. However, the final decision will be made by the IOC, the city of Tokyo as the host of the games and the Japanese Olympic Committee.

The President of the Organizing Committee in Tokyo, Yoshiro Mori, Tokyo’s Governor Yuriko Koike and Japan’s Olympic Minister Seiko Hashimoto will also take part in the telephone switch on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Abe had stressed on Monday that a cancellation of the games is not up for debate. However, he admitted that the sporting event could not take place under the current circumstances. The IOC had announced that it would decide in the next four weeks whether the summer games should take place.

Wuhan citizens are allowed to leave the city from April 8th

6.54 a.m .: The President of the World Medical Association does not expect the Corona crisis to end quickly. “This problem will certainly be with us until the end of the year,” said Frank Ulrich Montgomery to the German Press Agency. Until a vaccine is available, “we will have to change our entire social and working lives”.

Montgomery welcomed the federal and state agreement to limit contact . It makes a big difference whether people are trapped by state repression – like a curfew – “or whether they have it in their own hands”. The world medical president had previously spoken out against a ban.

6.40 a.m .: In China, the isolation of the province of Hubei , which was imposed due to the spread of the new corona virus, is largely lifted. In the metropolis of Wuhan, which is the starting point for the pandemic, the general ban on leaving the city and province will be lifted on April 8, as the local authorities announced on Tuesday.

For the remaining residents of Hubei, they can leave the province from midnight on Wednesday night. The prerequisite is that they are healthy. Chine authorities isolated Hubei from the PRC for two months, which has a population of almost 60 million. Official numbers of new infections within the province have decreased significantly in recent weeks.

For a few days now, according to official Chinese statistics, there have been very few new corona patients across the country who have contracted infection within China. In contrast, the statistics show an increasing number of corona infected people who entered the People’s Republic from abroad.

No redundancies due to corona crisis at Deutsche Bahn

5.22 am: Cuba has forbidden its citizens to leave the country in the Coronavirus crisis. The Prime Minister of the socialist Caribbean state, Manuel Marrero , said on Monday on state television. He justified this with the fact that recently many Cubans had traveled to countries that were particularly affected by the corona virus in order to buy goods for sale in Cuba. It is about protecting the health of the people. Marrero also announced a month-long school closure.

He also announced that the approximately 32,000 tourists remaining in Cuba will no longer be allowed to leave their hotels while waiting for their return flights. Around 9,400 of these are housed in private accommodation – they are supposed to move to hotels. Foreigners can leave the island further, but can no longer enter from Tuesday.

5.09 a.m .: In order to curb the spread of the corona virus , the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) is now accepting asylum applications in writing. A personal application should initially become an exception and only be possible in special cases, as the Bamf explained.

Asylum seekers receive a residence permit based on a written application. “The personal hearings on the individual reasons for fleeing and the associated further processing of the asylum applications will take place as soon as this is possible again due to the corona pandemic,” said the Bamf. “These measures were taken to protect everyone involved and to interrupt the chain of infection.” Asylum notices for procedures that were ready for decision-making would continue to be issued.

4.56 a.m .: The employees of Deutsche Bahn do not have to fear any redundancies due to the corona crisis. The group and the unions have now ruled this out in an agreement that is available to the German Press Agency. It also regulates additional time off for employees with children, continued payment of wages, flexible compensation for missed working hours and ensures that the works councils have a say in short-time work. The federal company has around 200,000 employees in Germany.

Italian corona patients landed in Saxony

4:12: President of the trade, Hans Peter Wollseifer, asked for quick help in the corona crisis until the end of the month – otherwise many companies went bankrupt. “If the funds and grants fail to reach the companies before the end of March, the federal government’s aid efforts are in danger of failing,” said Wollseifer. “We are in a race against time, which is about nothing less than the continued existence and continued existence of thousands of companies and jobs. For many businesses in the craft it is now a matter of days whether they manage to survive or whether they go bankrupt. ”

In addition to direct grants for small companies that do not receive loans and do not have collateral, the federal government had also decided on an unlimited loan program for companies through the state development bank KfW. This is to secure liquidity through the house banks.

2.39 a.m .: A group of Corona patients from Italy to be treated in Saxony landed at Leipzig-Halle Airport on Tuesday night. Two rescue vehicles were waiting on the airfield to transport the patients to the hospital.

On Monday, Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) announced that Saxony wanted to admit Corona patients from Italy to its hospitals. It complies with a request from the Italian government. At first, Kretschmer had spoken of six patients from Italy, and in the evening there were eight patients who were to be spread across several clinics.

First case of coronavirus infection in correctional facility

2.42 a.m .: In Hamburg, the judicial authority reports the first case of a prisoner infected with the corona virus. The detainees had been isolated for information our editorial staff at the detention center and the contact persons of the past days been determined. It is the first corona case to date in a German correctional facility . However, some states refuse to provide information about possible corona cases in prisons.

To prevent infection with the new virus in the prisons, which were custodial sentences suspended. In addition, all federal states stopped the international transports of prisoners on Monday. Eleven out of 16 countries have stopped prisoners’ visits, five have severely restricted them and only allow them behind partition walls. Some countries have initially limited the conditions to April 19. In Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate, a youth detention center was completely closed due to preventive measures in the Corona crisis and the arrest was suspended. There was no corona case in the juvenile detention center.

Meanwhile, the prison union has warned of bottlenecks in protective equipment against corona infections in German prisons. “Disinfectant threatens to become scarce, and then the question of central supply and allocation arises,” said René Müller, the federal chairman of the Federation of Prison Service Officials (BSBD), to our editorial team. Quarantine stations have been set up in all of the institutions, and the staff there should already be equipped and instructed with protective suits, face masks and safety glasses.

Economic research institutes consider short-time work to be a decisive instrument against unemployment

1.03 am: Several economic research institutes consider short-time working to be the decisive instrument against a drastic rise in unemployment as a result of the corona crisis. “Short-time work is an important safety net against unemployment. This instrument had also proven itself in the financial market crisis in 2009, ”said the head of the economic department at the Institute for the German Economy (IW), Michael Grömling, to our editorial team.

“The extent to which unemployment increases massively in this crisis depends very much on whether it can be possible to protect companies from bankruptcies with the support of companies, but also to loosen the rules on short-time work and to persuade companies to hire their employees hold ”, said the director of the employee-oriented institute for macroeconomics and economic research (IMK), Sebastian Dullien.

The president of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW), Gabriel Felbermayr, is also confident about the job market: Most companies would be careful “to keep their staff and to compensate for lost work through internal measures or the use of short-time work”. According to the President of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Marcel Fratzscher, reliable economic forecasts are currently “extremely difficult”. Nobody has experience with crises of this kind, and it is also not foreseeable “how long the economic coma will last – and time is the critical factor,” said Fratzscher to our editorial team.

The director of the Hamburg World Economic Institute (HWWI), Henning Vöpel, is convinced how long the crisis will last depends largely on how quickly you can control the new infections . “The crisis differs in nature from previous crises or typical recessions. We assume that production will start up again very quickly as soon as a cure for the virus has been found or the number of infections has decreased significantly. ”

0.36 a.m .: US President Donald Trump has promised the American population an early recovery from the coronavirus crisis. “The troubles will end, they will end soon,” Trump said Monday night at the White House in Washington. “America will be open for business again soon,” he said. And this will be earlier than in three or four months. Normal life will return and the economy will recover.

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