Turbine ICU Ventilator VG-70


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Delivery Time 60 – 90 Days for new orders as their is a shortage of components supply and the manufacturer has back orders and only manufactures 2000 units weekly. For urgent orders please contact alternative manufacturers in the EU such as Philips Healthcare in the Netherlands.

 Turbine Sub-acute ICU ventilator
 CE Approved
 Target middle high-end market
 Has comprehensive functionality,a user-friendly design
 Full of high-quality,reliable treatment options for the clinician

Drive mode:
• Built-in low noise turbine
• Lifetime over 30,000 hours
• No request for aircompressor

Scope of Application:
• ICU,Respiratory Department or Emergency Department
• For the rescue and therapy of the patient with respiratory insufficiency
• Other departments for providing respiratory support for the patient.

As non-invasive ventilation is used increasingly in a wide range of clinical situations,we offer a dual solution. You no longer need to switch devices when it’s time for NIV treatment. You can achieve invasive-non-invasive sequential ventilation with the VG70 ventilator.

Patient Type: Adult,Child
Function: Invasive & Non-invasive

Non-invasive Ventilation

Special Features
Integrated invasive and non-invasive ventilation in one
• Leakage compensating flow more than 60L/min
• Automatic Tube Compensation,Compliance Compensation

• 12”Color TFT LCD touchscreen,wheeling knob, simple intuitive interface
• Guide-Way interface
• Detachable screen,reduce cross-infection
The VG70 and the advanced VT5230 have similar user-friendly interface. Even first-time users
can learn and master it fast from the start.

Parameter Settings

Tidal Volume: 20-2000ml
Respiratory Rate: 1-80bpm
Inspiration Time:0.2-9s
Inspiration Pause Time:0~4s
Tslope : 0~2s
FiO2: 21%~100%
PEEP: 0-35cmH2O
CPAP(NIV): 2-20cmH2O
Psupp: 0-70cmH2O
Pinsp: 5-70cmH2O
Flow trigger sensitivity: 0.5 ~20 L/min
Pressure trigger sensitivity:-20~0 cm H2O
Esens: 5%~80%

Parameter Monitoring

• Pmin,Pplat,Pmean,Ppeak, PEEP
• ftotall, fspont • Waveform:P-t, F-t, V-t ,CO2-t • Loops:F-P,P-V,F-V

Full Specifications

• Used i n ICU and intra- hospital transport
• Advanced t urbine controlling technology
• Suitable f or children and adults
• Both invasive and non – invasive therapy ,
• Wide range sensitivity of flow & pressure trigger • Leakage compensating f l ow more than 60 L/min
• Automatic tube compensation & Compliance compensation
• Metal exhalation valve, no consumptive materials design to keep maintenance costs low
• Lung mechanics measurement • Synchronized Nebulizer, I ns / Esp. hold, manual, inspiration , smart suction,
print screen and waveform freeze
• 12 ” TFT color t =ouch screen, with the Guide – Way interface, menus are easy to use and well organized
• Low flow oxygen in let • 4 waveform and 3 loops
• 2 USB ports, VGA and Nurse call ports
• Optional ETCO2 monitor


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